Whether you are starting out on your digital journey or have hit a road block on the way; talking to Siso about it will help point in you in the right direction. Our consultancy services are all about harnessing your internal knowledge with our industry knowledge and strategic prowess.


We will explore your company's structure, your strategic directions and your clients / customers. Which will guide you in how digital can help transform and improve your operation. We can define the direction and governance that needs to be in place to help you succeed in your digital transformation.

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A product, solution or process is never completed the first time around. The key to success is to ensure that it has a clear roadmap of how the solution transforms over time. The roadmap needs to identify the features that need to be developed, the way in which users are engaged and the decisions that are yet to be made.


Deciding what should be in a first release is always tricky. You need to find the right balance between end to end completness and getting something to market without breaking the budget. We have lots of experience developing proof of concepts that can be user tested with a small user group. We can also help you develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be used to test the market whilst being used within real life scenarios.

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Here at Siso we can help facilitate any meeting or workshop. We have vast experience of running co-design workshops and idea generation / brainstorming sessions. It doesn't matter if you are running agile or waterfall, we can help with project retrospectives or planning sessions. By having an external party facilitating, it can help broaden the thinking instead of focusing on a pre-concieved solution or direction.

If you are interested in any of the above services then don't hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help.